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  • Mark Tall

    I tried to get the masters series upgrade and it wouldn’t let me in?! Is it still being offered?! May I get it please?!

  • Hayan Deeb

    Hi guys, I have several questions, I live in Russia and I tried many ways and spent a lot of money because I have no experience and unfortunately nothing works, and many promise that their way works everywhere in the world, even in Russia and on really does not work and promise guarantees and no one gave me anything to give back money, my questions: does your system work in Russia? And if I do not have a paypal account, also works? and I want to know what kind of system you have and how it works, I watched your video but did not quite understand, help please, I'm interested in working and earning money, but I have no experience and I'm ready to buy now your system if I do it all

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